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In the heart of Scandinavia, where the most northern tip of Danish peninsula known as Jutland bends to the east and breaks the surging waters of the Kattegat and Scagerak seas lies a small and picturesque fishing village.  It’s name is Skagen-the-Skaw and for connoisseurs of northern Europe it is associated with a unique charm that is the result of the fusion of nature-given and man-made romanticism.  Here the perfect purity and beauty explain where Danish design found it’s name.  The small village on the edge of the sea continues to be the inspiration for all the Skagen Denmark products.

What has inspired the creation of Skagen Denmark watches now takes place in a life of contemporary styling, quality design, subtle colour combinations comfortable fit and more.  The northern coastal town of Skagen continually serves as a muse in the development of each piece in our collections, offering motivational components that build our products.  From the shimmer of the Skagen coast, the smooth shift of the beach sand in the breeze to the crisp blue skies of summer.

New colour, new function, new detail – each of these watches reflect innovative concepts that will excite and entice.  while certain trends in the industry might inspire the design, the ultimate statement of these timepieces remains the minimalist sensibility and efficient function that will always continue as trademarks for the Skagen Denmark brand.

Synonymous with understated yet functional Scandinavian design, Skagen watches

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