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D Barker and Son

Goldsmiths and Silversmiths – Jewellers in Hampshire

01962 732200

Jewellery Repairs & Restoration

Jewellery is given for emotive reasons.  An engagement ring, an antique necklace passed down through the family or a simple pendant given by a loved one – which is the most valuable?  The answer is that they are all valuable and much treasured by the owner.  But what do you do when that item is in need of repair and who can you trust to give your piece of jewellery the care and attention it deserves?  At D. Barker & Son we specialise in the restoration and repair of all types of jewellery from simple chain soldering to complex antique ring restoration.

Our jewellers and stone setter have a wealth of experience and are used to dealing with the very best jewellery in need of restoration.  We take great pride in the quality and variety of work produced by our craftsmen and our aim is always to ensure that your jewellery is sympathetically restored to its former glory.  We offer a wide ranging service including:

  • Stone replacement: Diamond and coloured stones are supplied to match and because we are able to buy from a wide network of contacts we are able to source old cut and antique diamonds for the most challenging of restorations.
  • Stone Re-polishing:  Although most gemstones will last a lifetime some show the ravages of time a little more than others.  All can be re-polished and the facets can be re-cut to restore a stone to its former glory.  We have been offering this service for years and are happy to discuss your individual needs.
  • Ring Restoration:  All rings that are worn regularly will require maintenance from time to time.  It’s always a good idea to get settings checked on a regular basis to ensure that those valuable stones are safe.  We specialise in all types of ring restoration from the re-tipping of claws to setting repairs and the replacement of worn out shanks.
  • Jewellery Repairs:  Simple chain repairs, soldering, rings sizing and alterations are all undertaken in our own workshop.
  • Pearl Rethreading:  We offer a professional and speedy service and can often complete work in a matter of days; we can also match pearls and can source pearls in all sorts of colours and sizes.
  • Re-modelling:  Not wearing an item of jewellery because it looks tired or out of date?  We can re-model unworn jewellery and are very happy to undertake special commissions where your ideas can be turned in to reality.

We realise that ‘trust’ is the most important consideration when leaving an item for repair.  We will give you professional, straight forward advice.  We will not recommend work that is unnecessary and we will describe the repair process in detail so that you understand what is involved and what it will cost.  We will provide written quotes on request and we are very happy to take the hassle out of dealing with your insurance company by dealing with them directly if you want us to. You will find case studies on the right hand side of this page so that you can see for yourself  the type of work we are capable of.

Above all you can rest assured that all work undertaken to your valued item of jewellery will be carried out to the very highest standards.  Our reputation depends on it.



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