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D Barker and Son

Goldsmiths and Silversmiths – Jewellers in Hampshire

01962 732200

Clock Repairs

All mechanical things need regular maintenance to ensure optimum performance and clocks are no exception.  We offer a comprehensive repair service to antique and mechanical clocks; our clock maker has over 30 years experience and is regarded by many as an expert in his field.


Every clock left for a service is completely stripped down and all parts are cleaned, rinsed and polished.  We will re-bush worn pivot holes as standard and if necessary we can cut new wheels, make new pinions and most other replacement parts as required.  All clocks are thoroughly tested on completion to ensure that they run smoothly and all our work is guaranteed for 12  months.    Better still, if  you live within a 15 mile radius of Alresford we will deliver your clock and set it up for you in your home at no extra charge.  If you live further a field we will still come to you but a charge will be made.

Carriage clocks, mantel clocks, bracket clocks, wall clocks and long case clocks are our speciality.  See the price guide below for an idea of cost – repair prices seldom deviate from those listed below unless your clock has parts missing or is very badly broken in which case an estimate will be prepared prior to the commencement of the repair.  Repairs typically take 6-8 weeks and are often quicker.  Please be advised that we do not repair quartz, electric, 400-day Anniversary type clocks or cuckoo clocks.

Repair Price Guide

Clock TypeDescriptionPrice
Carriage Clock Carriage Timepiece £235
Carriage Strike£295
Carriage Strike Repeat£295
Carriage Strike Repeat with Alarm £325
Carriage Grand Sonnerie £385+
Long CaseEnglish Longcase (30hr)£475
English Longcase (8-day)£495
English Longcase (8-day, 3train)£695+
French Mantel Clocks8-Day Timepiece£225
8-Day Striking Clock£265
Quality 8-Day Striking Clock £295
Spring Wound Fusee Clocks (Chain Driven) English Dial Clocks£250 £395
Bracket Timepiece£295
Bracket Striking Clock£495
Bracket Chiming Clock£650
Bracket Strike/Repeat Clock£550
Modern Clocks8-Day Timepiece £195
8-Day Striking Clock£255
8-Day Chiming Clock £345
Modern Longcase Chiming clock£465
Viennese Wall Regulator ClocksVienna Timepiece£225
Vienna Striking Clock£295
Vienna Chiming Clock £425