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Ring to Earring Conversion

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Sometimes things just work out perfectly.

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A customer came to us recently with an enquiry that had been gnawing away at her for some time.  She wanted a pair of diamond studs but the diamonds had to be a decent size and certainly large enough to take the ‘clip and post’ fittings that she favoured.  Arthritic joints meant that it was difficult for her to use scrolls and she found that clips were easy to use, comfortable and also secure.  These fittings are larger than scrolls and can appear cumbersome – it was especially important to our customer that these fittings could not be seen when the earrings were worn hence the need for diamonds large enough for the fittings to hide behind.

The price of two single diamonds weighing at least a carat each was prohibitive though so what next?  Well, it turned out that our customer had not worn her three stone diamond engagement ring for some time; arthritis meant that the ring was impractical for her to wear comfortably.  The centre diamond in the ring weighed 0.75ct and the two smaller diamonds 0.35ct each and this got us thinking; why not utilise the diamonds from the ring and add a second larger diamond to make a pair of two stone diamond studs with the all important clip fittings?

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We drew up some scale drawings and saw that the design would work with the clip fittings that we had in mind – our customer approved and we set to work.  The results can be seen above.  Needless to say our customer was delighted.  She had the earrings that she wanted, made using the diamonds from her engagement ring and for a fraction of the cost of buying large single stones.

4 thoughts on “Ring to Earring Conversion

  1. Hi there,

    Can I have a rough quote on chaging 1 diamond earring into a ring please?

    Thank you,

    Kind regards,

    Jade Tomlin

    • Hi Jade

      Thanks for getting in touch. It would be really helpful if we could see the earring – do you live locally? Why not give us a ring on 01962 732200 and we can discuss your requirements in greater detail?

  2. Dear D Barker and Son
    I have read the above story about converting a ring into earrings. I have often thought of doing this with my mother’s engagement ring. My father gave it to me, after she had died, as a gift. The stone ‘sits up’ a little too much for me to wear it on a daily basis and since I have large knuckles (slimmer part of finger after knuckle) the ring swivels round and the stone won’t stay ‘on top’. Consequently, I hardly ever wear it. Which is a real shame!
    I live in London. So, I’m not sure how practical this is.
    But could you give me a rough idea of how much work like that costs? I ask since I am a so-called ‘low earner’. Just a rough idea will do. Thank you.
    Lisa Melvin

    • Hi Lisa

      Apologies for the delay in replying to your enquiry but I have been away and I’m just catching up! It’s really difficult for me to give a price without seeing the ring first; are you able to send me a picture?


      Damon Barker

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