Antique & Pre-Owned Rings

The high street is awash these days with ring styles that seem so similar – where is the variety? For lovers of antique and pre-owned jewellery that variety is in abundance and often at prices that are a lot easier on the pocket. Why is that? Well, when you buy a pre-owned ring you are not paying for the costs of production or supply chain costs and margins that feature heavily in the retail prices of new jewellery. Significant savings can be made – often a third cheaper than a similar ‘new ring’. When you add characteristics such as charm, character and often hand made craftsmanship in to the equation it’s no wonder that increasingly these days consumers are turning to pre-owned jewellery for genuine value for money.

You will see some of the rings currently held in stock on these pages. Our range is always changing so if you don’t see what you are looking for do get in touch as we may be able to source it for you. We are keen to purchase pre-owned and antique jewellery that fits with our profile so again, please do contact us if you have something that you think may be of interest.

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