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Our Latest Pocket Watch Restoration

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Watches are practical things, used daily by the owner often without a thought.  Perhaps it is this association which makes a watch such a treasured family heirloom; a tangible link with the past which means more to us as we get older.

This pocket watch, made in 1871, was much loved by its original owner and, now that it has passed down through the family, is similarly fondly regarded by it’s new custodian.  Not surprisingly this working watch was looking a little care worn and the new owner is keen to restore to it’s former glory.  Outwardly the silver case wass in good condition although the glass was broken.   Importantly though the balance staff was intact which is a relief as so often when a watch of this age is subject to a heavy blow the balance can break as a result.  Replacements can be turned but it is a very skilled task.  The movement was dry and dusty in places, and the mainspring was weak so this has been replaced during the service.  The challenge with this watch though is to repair the faulty winding mechanism – an attempt was made during the 1950s to repair this but the movement was re-assembled incorrectly.

In addition the accompanying chain has also been reconditioned.  The chain is a plated nickel alloy with a silver swivel and assorted silver rings and t-bar.  Although in reasonable condition, the plating had worn away so after the open rings had been soldered, the whole chain has been re-plated so that it is once again a worthy partner to what is a super pocket watch.

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