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D Barker and Son

Goldsmiths and Silversmiths – Jewellers in Hampshire

01962 732200

Signet Rings at D. Barker & Son

We have been signet ring specialists for many years.  All our rings are hand made to order using traditional die-stamped methods (click here to see how they are made).  Our rings are not ‘cast’.

We keep an unrivalled range of at least 25 sample rings in stock at all times so if you are interested in buying a signet ring you can come to us and, see, feel and try on rings from a varied range; after all, this is a ring that will be worn for a lifetime so it must be ‘right’.

Oval Signet Rings

4055h2 (16mmx13mm)
4056 (19mm x 16mm)
4178 (10mm x 8mm)
4151 (11mm x 9mm)
4053 (13.5 x 11)
4267 (11 x 14)
4052 (11.5mm x 9.5mm)

So, you have chosen your ring, what next?  Well, ensuring that the ring is a comfortable fit is essential; getting the size right is absolutely key to a comfortable fit and since sizing signet rings is an art and not a science, a personal consultation is highly recommended.  Finger shape, ring weight, shape and dimensions, plus seasonal fluctuations in temperature all have to be considered during the sizing process.

Stone Set Signet Rings

4018 (10mm x 8mm)
4085 (14.5mm 12.5mm)
4201h (11mm x 9mm)
4202 (12mm x 10m)
4083 (13mm x 11mm)

Traditionally signet rings are personalised by having a crest, coat of arms or initials engraved in to the surface.  A family crest is usually cut by hand as a negative image and in relief so that when it is pressed in to sealing wax the image appears with definition and in the ‘positive’.

Cushion Shaped Signet Rings

4072h2 (17.5mm x 14.5mm)
4030h2 (12mm x 10mm)
4043 (12mm x 12mm)
4044 (13mm x 11mm)
4048h2 (14mm x 12mm)
4176h2 (9mm x 8mm)

Heraldic seal engraving like this is an immensely skilled craft which takes many years to master.  Our engraver is very highly regarded within the profession and has years of experience producing work of the very highest quality.  Our gold signet rings are made with seal engraving in mind – being die stamped, they are dense and heavy which makes them perfect for producing outstanding results every time.

Our engraver is also very skilled at cutting crests in to hard stones like, bloodstone, lapis lazuli and sardonyx.  We have engraved samples here at the shop so you can see the standard of work that we produce.

A signet ring will last a lifetime which is why investing time with experts like us when you begin the journey will be time very well spent indeed.  Buying a signet ring blind from the internet might save a few pounds but if it isn’t ‘right’ or doesn’t fit properly or is uncomfortable then that is a false economy.  You wouldn’t buy a handmade suit without visiting your tailor first, why should buying a signet ring be any different?

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