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Pocket Watch Restoration

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Kendal & Dent Gold Cased Half Hunter Pocket Watch

This gold cased pocket watch was recently restored in our workshop.  The watch was retailed by Kendal & Dent who were respected watch makers working from premises at 106 Cheapside, London.  Although not to be confused with the prestigious firm of Dent & Company, Kendal & Dent were well regarded and supplied timepieces to the Admiralty and other foreign navies.  This particular half-hunter was presented to it’s original owner to mark his retirement from the Metropolitan Police in 1927 and has a full inscription to the dust cover marking the occasion.  The case is made of 9ct gold and is hallmarked for Chester 1925.  The movement was not made by Kendal & Dent but is a good quality Swiss made example with a jewelled lever escapement.

The watch was brought in by a descendant of the original owner; it had not been used for some years but the watch worked and it had been well looked after.  Importantly the balance staff was not broken but the movement was dry, and both glasses were in poor condition.  We stripped the movement and cleaned and rinsed all the parts.  The mainspring was found to be weak so a replacement was fitted.  The case was lightly polished and both glasses were replaced.  The movement was re-assembled and lubricated, it was re-fitted to the case and the watch was tested.

This is typical of the sort of watch we service on a regular basis.  In this instance nothing more than a routine overhaul was required but we are able to undertake more complicated restorations and can hand make parts as required. If you have a pocket watch that you would like serviced or restored we would be very happy to discuss your requirements.

11 thoughts on “Pocket Watch Restoration

  1. I´m owned a Kendal & Dent silver pocket watch of 1888 series number 102899 and I´m lost the hours hand. Cuold you to provide one of this?
    Thank you.

    Juan Pedro Gonzalo

      • Excuse me Mr. Baker for my late response. It has been a long time I don´t look the mails.
        Thank you very much for your kindly response. I live in Madrid, Spain. Could you then help me?

          • thank you for your answer Mr. Barker, but I found a expert person in Madrid that he made the hours hand I get lost.
            I repeat you my gratitude and my consideration for your help.

  2. Hello, I did own a 9ct gold kendall&dent pocket watch but I was burgaled and the watch was stolen do you have one for sale or know where I could buy one at a reasonable price. thanks, m. duggan.

    • Hi Michael,
      Although we service and repair pocket watches we don’t deal in antique or pre-owned examples. It would be worthwhile contacting dealers in your local area and leaving details of your requirements with them so that they can contact you in the event that a suitable replacement becomes available. In addition, I would recommend registering with reputable auctioneers – some like Fellows & Sons in Birmingham have regular pocket watch sales and issue digital catalogues which can be downloaded and viewed online or via their ipad app. When buying at auction it is very important to accurately assess the condition and to satisfy yourself accordingly – again a reputable auction house should be able to assist you. I hope this helps.

  3. Hello.
    I recently came into posession of my grandfathers sliver pocket watch which was produced by Kendal & Dent. My grandfathers initials are stamped into the back cover with the year 1928. The back cover is intact and has several hall marks and serial numbers stamped into it. The front cover is badly damaged and its hinge is completely broken. The glass cover is missing along with all the hands and to add insult to injury it looks like the watch dial has been damaged with a blue pen. Finally the mechanism turns but does not wind and I fear it is severly damaged as well. The watch case is very dirty and scratched.
    Many years ago my mother gave me a small watch fob. The outline of the fob looks very similar to the markings on the back of the watch. It would be interesting to hear if they belong together and can be reunited after all these years.
    To be perfectly honest the watch is in terrible condition and I suspect it could be beyond repair. Even so If I sent it to you could you take a look and make an appraisal.

    • Hi Nigel

      Apologies for not getting back to you sooner. It does sound like your watch is in a pretty poor state! Probably best if you can bring it to us so that we can examine in – mindful that repairs need to be both practical and economical.

  4. I have a small gold half hunter watch. I live in Aberdeen in Scotland. I put it into a local jeweller and he returned it saying the balance staff is broken and cannot get a replacement.

    Can you make a replacement. I can send you pictures if you respond?

    My mother removed the outer case and used it in her position as a nursing matron for 20 years.

    • Hi Mr Irvine

      Thank you for your enquiry.

      Sadly our watch maker retired recently (he was nearly 80!) and at the moment we do not have a replacement for him. He could make balance staffs but his eyes and hands are not what they were which is why he has hung up his apron. So, I’m afraid that at the moment we cannot help. I wish you luck with it though. All the best, Damon Barker

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