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Ceylon Sapphire & Diamond Ring Restoration

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There is something rather special about Ceylonese Sapphires.  Many are prized for their distinct cornflower blue colouration.  As a colour it is very similar to that seen in Tanzanites but often with a velvety softness which is very pleasing to the eye.

The sapphires in this ring were purchased directly at the mine in Ceylon (Sri Lanka as it is now known) almost 100 years ago and were brought back by the Grandfather of the current owner to be set in to the ring pictured below.

As the decades passed every day wear and tear took its toll on the sapphires as the crown facets became heavily abraded giving the stones the appearance of frosted blue glass.  As a result the sapphires looked a little lacklustre and quite dull.  For stones that looked like they had seen better days the only solution was to re-polish the crown (uppermost) facets.


The owner of this ring wanted it restored to its former glory which is exactly what we have done.  We unset all three sapphires and had the crown facets of each re-polished; while this was being done we restored the settings, making new claws and building up the side settings.  When the sapphires were re-polished all five stones were set in to the ring.

The gallery below shows the transformation; the sapphires have come alive as their beauty is revealed for the first time in decades.  The centre stone is particularly beautiful – if you look closely you can see the natural inclusions in the stone and when viewed form the side the sapphire’s natural colour zoning can be clearly seen.  Colour zoning is seen frequently in some sapphires and occurs as the crystal grows; straight bands of colour and colourlessness occur side by side.


To see a similar restoration where a stone has been re-polished click here.


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